Kazi Neamul Shaheen
Khulna Mohila Polytechnic Institute
Khulna Mohila Polytechnic Institute is trying its best to expand the Technical Education throughout the country, especially, in southern regions of Bangladesh. As Khulna is mainly an industrial area, our institute runs five relevant technologies to cope with the industries. Thus, our students become skilled in five technologies, namely, Civil, Computer, Electronics, Architecture and Interior Design; and Environment. We always keep a strong linkage with the relevant industries and provide them the database of our students completed their final semester. Ours is the only women’s polytechnic institute in Khulna division and it was established in 2005 with the goals of providing high quality mid-level technical education, developing human resources, and providing well-paying jobs.

Our institute and the staffs are the part of the government. Its our noble duty to uphold our country in the competitive world. At present, its impossible to develop a country without a skilled workforce. So, to fulfill our desire, our students must be skilled. Since we have started our journey, we’re getting improved more and more to face new challenges of consistently upgrading world. Here, we value education & quality. So, we try to bring the best into students life, and that’s why we’re working on.

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